Dogs or Cats

I love both. Cats are affectionate animals. They purr and rub their tail around your legs and sit on your lap. We had a pet cat when I was quite young. I loved to play with him especially with a ball of yarn or a Jack stone ball. He would go nuts chasing after a bouncing Jack stone ball. Our cat used to climb on tables and almost every where he can and then break things or ruins something because of scratching. That's probably the only thing I don't like about cats.

At the moment, we have a dog. Hummer, the name of our dog, is also very active but in a good way. Instead of chasing a Jack stone ball like our previous pet cat, he loves chasing his tennis ball even though he has a difficult time biting it or grabbing it with his mouth. Very well trained dog, He doesn't pee or poop in our house but instead waits for us to walk him and does his business on the street. Very affectionate too. He jumps on the couch with you while you're watching TV. Barking would probably be the negative thing about dogs but I'm not complaining about that with our dog. He seldom barks and is very friendly with everyone he sees or comes in contact with...even strangers.

So right now, I'm a dog person. But I still like cats as well. - Buy and Sell Philippines (Free Classified Ads)


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