In this changing time, more and more moms are getting to spend less and less time from their houses, from their husbands and most of all from their kids. With all the work and all the bills that needed to be paid, not to mention all the house work that needs to be done upon arriving at home...and most important of all, taking care and spend time with your kids and family, who would not want to make some extra cash to spend less hours at work or if you're a Mommy Blogger, here's a way to generate extra income. If you're a full time mom, you can definitely do this. Blog or write about something while your son or daughter is asleep or while waiting for the school bus to come from school to bring your kids home.

There is a social marketing network where advertisers and bloggers are some what more intimate than the other blogging/advertising network. The advertisers can basically target certain blogs that fit their concept or fit their product or can fit something they want advertised. This growing blogging and advertising network is called SocialSpark. I'm sure you've heard of it and maybe saw it while surfing through the web but maybe you didn't have time to take a look and see what it's all about or maybe had it in the back of your mind and would get to it if you had the time but never really did.
Well, here's another opportunity for you to SIGN UP! Don't put it off..! I'm telling you right now, I'm so glad that I signed up! You wont regret taking that bit of time just to sign up. Once you do, who knows maybe you'll get that spark or that light bulb go off just like I did when I found a big potential to earn some extra cash.

I basically had a goal. And the goal was, the money I would make from blogging is the one I would use to purchase plane tickets for vacations..and guess what, I'm getting really close to doing that. Just a few bucks more! Its like the expenses never came from my pocket. I didn't dent the income that I usually have. I didn't cut down on anything or put those plane tickets on a credit card. And that's a great feeling. I won't have that shock or that "Oh yeah" moment when I look at that credit card statement and see that I still have to pay for those know what I'm talking about right? I'm sure you do..

I'm sharing this opportunity with you to give you another money making option. And believe me, when everything is getting expensive, like it is now, some extra money just by writing or blogging helps...So join SocialSpark right now..!

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