No time to celebrate. Giants have one more game against the undefeted New England Patriots. But today, the Giants beat the Green Bay Packers in overtime...! what an amazing game! Eli Manning didn't have a great game but managed the game very well. The defense came up big again! Kicker, Lawrence Tynes missed two field goals in regulation! but the third time was a charm..! kicked ang 47 yard field goal, all of the people watching in Lambeau Field, watching on TV, had their heartbeat skip a beat as the kick was sailing through...and after a few moments, it went through! The Giants fans, including ofcourse me, jumped and said "THE KICK IS GOOD!". Packer fans were stunned. Giants fans were extatic!! LETS WIN IT ALL GIANTS! LETS BEAT THESE PATRIOTS!!!

WOW..! talk about a big time win..!! That is one of the biggest win the NY GIANTS have. A 21-17 against the DALLAS COWBOYS win that made every NY GIANTS fan go wild..!

Against the No. 1 seeded team in the NFC and against the team that beat them twice during the regular season. The COWBOYS not only beat the GIANTS twice during the regular season, but also beat them with huge scoring margins. COWBOYS quarterback, Tony Romo threw for 8 touchdown passes in those two games. But in this Divisional playoff game, Giats quarterback, Eli Manning out performed Tony Romo. Dallas started a drive that lasted over 10 minutes. When Eli and the Giants offense got the ball back, there was only 46 seconds left before halftime. You would think there's no way the giants would get a touchdown with just 46 seconds left, you would think that the best outcome of that scenario would be a field goal score, but no. Eli threw some brilliant passes to rookie wide reciever STEVE SMITH and rookie tight end KEVIN BOSS and the TD pass to old reliable AMANI TOOMER that made the score even at 14-14.

The defense came up big too! They held the Cowboys to only 3 2nd half points. They started harrasing Romo, knocking him down, sacked him and made him throw hurried passes. He was uncomfortable in the pocket in the second half. Giant special teams also played well. Giving the Giants very good field position that made the drive shorter. R. W. McQUARTERS did just that in the 4th quarter and the Giants capitalized. They scored a TD after that particular return which made the score 21-17. And he, R. W. McQuarters also intercepted a Romo pass with 9 seconds remaining in the game which sealed the victory and an upset by the underdog Giants.

Up next for them, the NFC championship game against my IDOL, Brett Farve and the GREEN BAY PACKERS. MAN..!!! who should I route for???? these are my two favorite teams..!!

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There are a lot of really good quaterback's in college these days. NFL teams who have the first picks, depending on what they neeed, have a hand full of quality QB's to chose from. Theres Andre' Woodson from Kentucky, who racked up 3,709 passing yards, had 40 TD's, 11 INT's and has a passer rating of 144.5 in the 2007 season. Theres record setting Colt Brennan from Hawaii. Matt Ryan from Boston College, who a lot of people said would probably get picked first among the QB's. But I think Brian Brohm from Louisville will get picked first. Just because, in my opinion, in some ways is more polished in managing the game, makes good decisions on the field, which i think is what makes a quarterback successful in the NFL.

Im not saying that all of the other QB's that I have mentioned do not make good decisions on the feild, nor do they not manage the game well but I'm simply saying Brohm does it a little better.

Here we go..! can't wait for the new season to start..! Season starts on Feb. 23, the Quiksilver Pro in Goldcoast, Queensland Australia. Mick Fanning is the defending champion. Then on March 18, competition will be at Bells Beach, Victoria Australia. Where Taj Burrow is the defending event champion. I can't wait to see where Rip Curl will go for their Rip Curl Search event this year. The last two events were held in Mexico and Chile respectively, and my main man Andy Irons won both of them..! Hopefully he does it again..! I can't wait. For the complete schedule's and Heat draw's, check out the ASP website.

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Everybody picked the NY Giants to lose against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Giants wont win because of the inconsistent play of Giants quarterback, Eli Manning. But guess what, He performed well. He didn't turn the ball over and made plays! With the support from a good running game, Brandon Jacobs 2 TD's, and Ahmad Bradshaw provided an offensive spark, ran the ball effectively. Up next, the Dallas will be a tough task against a very good Dallas team. If they Giants play the way they played today, there's no doubt they will beat them..!

Why am I in this part of the country..? Why am I in the North East of the U.S. ? Thanks to my family, im here and not somewhere warmer. I was born and raised in a country where it is humid almost year round. I've never craved for warmer weather since I started surfing a year ago. How I wish it was atleast a 70 degree weather but its not..! its cold..!!! its 13 degrees..!! wearing PJ's instead of shorts. Or better yet, boardshorts..!! tsk...!

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