The game Dungeon Runners gave us something extra. Its like they gave us sprinkles or hot fudge on our ice cream. They gave us Bling Gnome, a some sort of hip hop gnome as your collector of dropped gold and even pick up and convert non-rainbow colored and non-purple colored items to gold. Of course, with an assistant like that following you around, who needs an accountant? But don't ask me why they chose a gnome to follow you around. Maybe they should have chosen a leprechaun or that character in the lucky charms commercial...LOL!
It's an addicting game, kinda like Diablo II addicting. Dungeon Runners is a Free Fantasy MMORPG game where you explore a world of dungeons and monsters and exciting battles, with the help incredible and high powered weapons of course. You can take on all the monsters that come your way alone or with a team of your online friends. It has cool 3D graphics, cool virtual world and an overall cool game concept. I just recently told my 12 year old cousin about this game, and he loves it. He plays it more than I do. If I played with him, he would probably make look like an 80 year old. He would probably laugh and talk some smack...

By the way, go to and download the free game.

Here are photos of my "blinged" out gnome. As the saying goes... "Diamond is a girl's bestfriend..." and female gnomes are no exception..


Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

Talk about being a newbie on blogging..! If there was a book that was titled Blogging for Dummies, I would be on the cover. Wait a sec,.maybe there is such a book, maybe my face is on there and I didn't know it. Anyway, I've been checking sites or blogs or something that would help me about bloging. I don't know what the heck RSS is for or what it does. I found a blog, that helped me out a little bit and gave some idea as to what I should do to make my blogging better and of course make money from blogging. This blog by "Mr. Javo" has a few healthy tips blogwise like monetize your blogs, make new friendships, visit other blogs and etc. Reading some of his tips gave me a little bit of light, so to speak.

I still need a lot of help with regards to blogging. Please feel free to leave me comments with regards to this. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Billabong is a clothing brand that I would like to be in I have liked their products since I wore one of their board shorts and one of their hoodies. They are a growing company. They have since acquired a few companies in the past few years. Namely, Von Zipper, a sunglasses company, was acquired in early 2001. Element, which is a dominant player in the skateboarding apparel and hard goods market was acquired in July 2002. Kustom and Palmers Surf were acquired in October 2004. Nixon was acquired in January 2006 from founders Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna. Nixon is a dominant player in the board sports watch market. Xcel was acquired in September 2007. The brand, a premium United States-based wetsuit and technical water sport accessories brand established in 1982, is focused on product for the surfing, diving (recreational and military), ocean paddling, sun protection and wake boarding markets and was recently awarded the "Wetsuit of the Year" title by the Surf Industry Manufacturers' Association.

So basically, having them here in would really put them in the spotlight because of the international community that it has. They're products are mainly targeted for water sports like scuba diving.. and board riders like surfing, wake boarding, skate boarding just to name a few. Quiksilver, which is a US based company is their main rival here. They sell similar type products that are of high quality. I like Billabong's simple and sort of "care free" styling, making them one of my favorite brands.

I would definitely love to see more sports related companies here at Especially those involved in board sports or water sports. Social Spark will definately help you, meaning those companies who chose to come aboard, "widen" the company and reach more people. Plus your company will get some very honest opinion from bloggers or consumers...wether it be good or bad.

So for those advertisers reading this blog entry, the title says it all. Social spark IS a Growing Advertising community....

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In today's fast pace world, everyone is looking for a little extra energy. To fulfill this need to keep going, they have turned to a wide variety of products in many different forms. MAXXED Energy Pops…the first of its kind, combines a convenient go anywhere product with the nutrients to maintain alertness and reduce fatigue.

MAXXED Energy Pops Are No Ordinary LOLLIPops! That's right...!!! Energy drink in a Lollipop..!

1 Maxxed Pop = 1 can of leading
12 oz. cola
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coffee (caffeine in coffee varies)
1 Maxxed Pop = 40 mg of caffeine

MAXXED Pops are infused with a unique blend of Ginseng, Guarana, Taurine & B-vitamins.
MAXXED Pops are 50% larger than a standard candy lollipop.
MAXXED Pops almost glow neon yellow.
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Maxxed cans allow for maximum portability and convenience.

You could ENTER their KEEP GOING Sweepstakes where you can win a GRAND PRIZE that includes a 42" HDTV 1080P LCD TV and Home theater 5.1 channel system with DVD.

You could also ENTER to win an xBox360 bundle.

I'm excited to go to Wild wood this coming 4Th of July weekend. My friends, sisters and I have rented out a place that's really close to the boardwalk and close to all the roller coaster rides and the of course close to the beach, for a week..!! Fun in the sun! I hope there are waves next week so I can go surfing...! I can't wait..!! It's going to be expensive though...but who cares..Its going to be fun. I just hope we won't have crappy weather next week....

My sisters came home one day and they were oh so giddy. I asked them, "What's with the two of you? Why so happy and jolly and all smiles?" They said they came from the spa and had a facial. They said it felt so nice and wonderful and clean and refreshing and all of that stuff.... I looked at their faces, and they were right. They had a reason to smile because their skin looked great. It was really nice and smooth, just like those people in magazines.
I, on the other hand, had a face that looked like the surface of the moon. Pimples or zits all over my face. Crevices filled my face just like a toasted bread. It's causing me to be self conscious. What am I going to do? I tried all of those acne products. I can't afford to go to a spa just like my sisters do and besides what would my friends think if they knew or found out that I went to a spa to get a facial??
When I asked them about what the pedicurist, i mean dermatologist exactly do to make their face the way it is, they said one of the dermatologist used was something that used suction. They said it felt like it sucked all the excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt right out. So I went "Hhhmmmm..." My mind started wondering. I just started to think "what if I...".
And so, I came to this conclusion that may or will sound stupid and silly and even idiotic to most people...I used a Dirt Devil vacuum to do that suction thing on my face. Hey, it made sense at that time. I was desperate! I wanted to get rid of the zits on my face so badly that I went that far.
We'll if I chose to do that again, I'll be vacuuming my face and at the same time help save the environment. How? Because this NEW Dirt Devil ACCUCHARGE Vacuum charges twice as fast yet uses 70% energy. It's a GREEN cleaning machine. That's why their NEW STICK VAC and HAND VAC is the first cordless cleaning product to earn the coveted Energy Star
Rating. Not to mention the HAND VAC's charging unit can be mounted on a wall..How cool is that? To view the specifics of this new product, check out their website.
Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

Have you seen this recent video of Shaq dissing Kobe Bryant at a NYC club? Here is Shaq doing it freestyle, attacking Kobe and even blaming him for his recent marital problems. Apparently, shaq is getting divorced and he's linking Kobe to it... The "Hate" relationship between these two runs a little bit more deeper than what people think.

This is a link to TMZ's video of Shaq's latest dissing..

My first time watching a LIVE NHRA event in English Town, New Jersey was both memorable and exciting. First of all, I would like to extend my deepest condolence to the Kalitta family because of the tragedy that happened on Saturday during qualifying. Scott Kalitta died when his car's engine blew up during the qualifying's final round. He went to the end of the race track while bursting in flames and hit the end of the retaining wall. He died from multiple serious injuries.

Here's a video of Scott Kalitta's crash...

My uncle and I were stunned. Everybody on the track was too. We were obviously hoping for the best and that Scott would just walk away from it but we were wrong. We just couldn't believe it when we got home and heard the news that he was gone.

The next day, which was race day, we came back and watched the races. It was a somewhat somber mood, not many people were too ecstatic when it came to expressing their excitement during the heats but I'm sure they were still happy to see some racing.

My first NHRA experience however was absolutely amazing..! I just couldn't believe that those engines could literally blow you away. I was standing a few feet from one of the Top Fuel cars when they were heating the engines up before a heat, and the sound and the air and the fumes coming from it was nothing that I ever expected. I almost dropped my camera. One thing I will never forget was when I heard the cars for the first time on the race track. When they let it all out and "gas it" from the starting line, it felt like the sound just penetrated through my ears and into my brain and shook it and then proceeded to exit through my eyes. WOW..!!!! The sound on TV doesn't do it justice..! The speed is also amazing. If you haven't experienced going to an NHRA drag racing event, I recommend that you go and get ready to be blown away...!!! I had a very memorable time. RESULTS HERE.

When I first registered my blog at SocialSpark, I couldn't believe how many opportunities there are for my blog to make some money. But then I thought, this site could just be one of those who creates opportunities for people only living in the U.S., I soon found out that I was wrong. I immediately found some people who lived in India, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia just to name a few. I also found out that people here are very friendly and really willing to help each other out..Like Leaving props or a "thumbs up" for the other person to help get more opportunities. Did I mention that I was new to blogging? This community helped me a lot! People here gave me friendly tips and advice.

This community allows you to write or say whatever you want. SocialSpark has no restrictions on how you express your honest thoughts on an advertiser's product because truth in advertising is very important to them. That's one of their code of ethics, 100% Real Opinions. Another great thing in SocialSpark is that each sponsored link will automatically carry the "no-follow" attribute so that it won't affect your search engine rankings and because of that, Bloggers and Advertisers won't be charged with search engine penalties. What are those penalties? You pay! There's none of that here in SocialSpark. That is another one in their code of ethics, 100% Search Engine Friendly.

Give SocialSpark a try. I'm sure you'll love it. I'm sure you'll be excited like I am when it comes to making money in blogging.

To help you get started at SocialSpark, here are some video tutorials as to how SocialSpark works.

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"If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live."
-- Albert Einstein

Its an alarming statement, and all the more so because there has been a recent decline in the honeybee population. But its also comforting to know that Einstein never really said that. The quotation appears on a blackboard near the beginning of M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening," a movie that I think I understand. When you watch this film, you might find it boring or uneventful like I did but once you start thinking, "what the hell was that about?", you will realize that it's about us humans, self destructing. At least that's how I see it.

Maybe this movie's purpose was to make us think of the recent things that are happening in our world. Is the human race on its final chapter? Its been in my mind lately. The Global warming. The rising of sea level. The drastic changes in the weather. We have recntly more deadly earthquakes. Have we pushed our planet so far or have we used it up that it can no longer sustain us? That's a scary thought.

But as for the movie itself? It doesn't really cut it like the director's (M. Night Shyamalan) previous movies that he made like The Sixth Sense or Unbreakable or maybe Signs.

Here is a trailer of the movie....

This is absolutely amazing. I never thought the price of gas prices would make my summer boring. I really can't go anywhere because of a stupid reason such as expensive gas! I used to drive down to Orlando or Miami or somewhere we can go and spend the summer away from home and enjoy. But now Im stuck. Now I know what a dog on a leash feels like or maybe like a dog just free to roam around a fenced back yard. Can you imagine how much I would spend on gas alone if I drove down to Florida with my old, gas guzzling, pocket burning SUV? I should just take a plane and fly over to Florida. Well, here's my take on that. That's no fun! Flying is no fun compared to a road trip. The fun of making stops that my friends and I make is still the best way to have when traveling. We should just soak up the sun up here in the east coast instead of wasting my hard earned money on gas......but im bored!

Wow..! Talk about getting dominated in a game 6 in the NBA Finals. The Lakers, or as my friend has always said, the Fakers, lost to the Celtics by 39 points last night. The League's MVP, Kobe Bryant couldn't put his team on his back and carry them because they were just simply too heavy. Kobe's offense can't win ball games by his scoring alone. Well I take that back. He has..but just not in the finals against the Celtic defense. Its not that the other members of the team can't score, they can but again, that defense created problems. But here's another problem for the Lakers, they can't play defense. They took care of the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference finals but if I remembered it right, the Lakers also got blown out by the Spurs its just that San Antonio blew it. So the Lakers are pretty much on the same trend that happened in the finals against the much better Celtic defense and offense. Congrats Celtics!!!!! Congrats KG!!! You FINALLY got one!!

The Deadliest Catch, one of my favorite TV shows. I started watching this show since its 2ND season. The show is currently on its 5Th season and aired on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday night at 9PM Eastern Time. Its about Alaskan Crab fisherman tackling one of the roughest and deadliest waters, the Bering Sea. In this "Modern Day Gold rush", these fishermen put their lives on the line to make some huge, and I mean HUGE amounts of money in a short period of time. How much you say? You can buy your new house in one trip! maybe even more..! This is the "real deal" when it comes to reality shortage of drama here. People die. Ships sink. Dramatic rescues by the US Coast Guard. You name it...this show is for real. No scripts. Just camera crews embedded on these fishing ships to capture the reality, dangers and reward of it all.

When you start watching this show, you'll know what I'm talking about. I personally would like to try it. I know its a very deadly and tough job, hence the title of the show Deadliest Catch but the experience and payoff would mean a whole lot. I guess its a matter of can you take it. Trying to catch crab with hundreds of pounds of equipment on board and not to mention the deadly weather. Fishing even when the weather is really tough, 30 foot waves constantly banging on the boat, Almost 20 hour work days in sometimes Sub zero temperatures, still doesn't sound tough enough? Watch it! Check your local listings!

The first NBA Finals match-up between the two teams was in 1959 when the Boston Celtics swept the then Minneapolis Lakers for their first of 8 straight titles. However the rivalry truly originated in the 1960s, when the Celtics defeated the Lakers six times in eight years (1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1968, and 1969) to claim the championship, and featured greats such as Bill Russell and Bob Cousy for Boston and Elgin Baylor and Jerry West for Los Angeles. In three of those NBA Finals ('62, '66, and '69), the series went to seven games, with the Celtics winning each time.

The rivalry continued with renewed fervor in the 1980s when both teams were strong, and was personified as Larry Bird (Boston) vs. Magic Johnson (Los Angeles). During this period, this rivalry took on many dimensions, such as East Coast vs. West Coast, Working class grit vs. Hollywood glitz, old tradition vs. air-conditioned luxury, and some believe "white vs. black" (the Celtics teams of the 1980s were predominantly composed of Caucasian players, while those of Los Angeles were mostly African American). Additionally, prior to the 1980s, the NBA had been struggling financially, with low attendance and television ratings. The battles between the two teams contributed mightily to the success of the league.

And now, Kobe, Pau, Lamar and the Lakers against Paul, Kevin, Ray and the Celtics bring back that rivalry- with the exception of the "black vs. white" thing of course. Last night the Celtics wins it with emotion and with the home crowd behind them and from the emotion of Paul Pierce coming back to the game after being carried off the court after he and teammate Kendrick Perkins collided. Game 1 of the 2008 finals belongs to the Celtics, 98-88.

The Lakers and the Celtics have met a total of 11 times in the NBA finals, with Boston winning the first eight meetings, and Los Angeles the next two. The outcome of the 11th meeting is......??

Year Champion Series Opponent
1959 Boston Celtics 4–0 Minneapolis Lakers
1962 Boston Celtics 4–3 Los Angeles Lakers
1963 Boston Celtics 4–2 Los Angeles Lakers
1965 Boston Celtics 4–1 Los Angeles Lakers
1966 Boston Celtics 4–3 Los Angeles Lakers
1968 Boston Celtics 4–2 Los Angeles Lakers
1969 Boston Celtics 4–3 Los Angeles Lakers
1984 Boston Celtics 4–3 Los Angeles Lakers
1985 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2 Boston Celtics
1987 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2 Boston Celtics
2008 Boston Celtics 1–0 Los Angeles Lakers

I guess the guy is on his way to his unprecedented 9Th world title. Kelly Slater just stretched his lead in the overall ratings by winning 3 out of 4 events..! He was on the ropes in the quarter finals against Bobby Martinez with 3 plus minutes left in the heat. But yep, you guessed it, he found a barrel and got the score he needed to win the heat. Then beat Taj Burrow in the semi finals and then beat CJ Hobgood in the finals. Watch videos here.

Message to all ASP WCT Surfers: CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THIS GUY DOWN!!!! I'm sick and tired of Kelly winning! ANDY!! come on man!! what happened to that competitive drive? Kick this guy's ass!! Like you usually do..


Heat # 1
Quarter Finals
2 12.73 Bede Durbidge AUS
1 14.60 Taj Burrow AUS
Heat # 2
Quarter Finals
2 13.67 Bobby Martinez USA
1 14.27 Kelly Slater USA
Heat # 3
Quarter Finals
2 6.84 Mick Fanning AUS
1 17.50 CJ Hobgood USA
Heat # 4
Quarter Finals
2 12.66 Joel Parkinson AUS
1 13.00 Adriano de Souza BRA

Heat # 1
Semi Finals
2 12.84 Taj Burrow AUS
1 18.70 Kelly Slater USA
Heat # 2
Semi Finals
1 17.64 CJ Hobgood USA
2 13.87 Adriano de Souza BRA

Globe Pro Fiji 2008 - ASP Systems
Men / Final - Last Update : 3/Jun/2008
1st:1200Pts, US30,000
2nd:1032Pts, US18,000

Heat # 1
1 16.67 Kelly Slater USA
2 13.27 CJ Hobgood USA

What an inspiration this guy is. He was singing in bars in the Philippines since the late '80s and now is singing with one of the most famous bands in the world, Journey. From what I have been reading, He was discovered through the famous video sharing website, YouTUBE. The guitarist from Journey, Neal Schon, was said to have emailed Arnel Pineda when he saw the videos thus now becoming their new front man. Below is a video of Arnel doing a gig in the Philippines. He is singing with his band, The Zoo.

And now, here he is with Journey on their tour in CHILE singing the song Open Arms.

If you want to know more about Arnel, his biography, where he started, and etc. click here!

Good luck in everything Arnel! You and Charice Pempengco are true inspirations!

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