In today's fast pace world, everyone is looking for a little extra energy. To fulfill this need to keep going, they have turned to a wide variety of products in many different forms. MAXXED Energy Pops…the first of its kind, combines a convenient go anywhere product with the nutrients to maintain alertness and reduce fatigue.

MAXXED Energy Pops Are No Ordinary LOLLIPops! That's right...!!! Energy drink in a Lollipop..!

1 Maxxed Pop = 1 can of leading
12 oz. cola
1 Maxxed Pop = 1/2 can of leading
8 oz. energy drink
1 Maxxed Pop = 5 oz. of brewed
coffee (caffeine in coffee varies)
1 Maxxed Pop = 40 mg of caffeine

MAXXED Pops are infused with a unique blend of Ginseng, Guarana, Taurine & B-vitamins.
MAXXED Pops are 50% larger than a standard candy lollipop.
MAXXED Pops almost glow neon yellow.
MAXXED Pops have a unique flavor blend, with cream soda notes and hints of lemon lime, making it better tasting than the average energy drink.
The stick on Maxxed Pops is no standard white paper stick. It’s a chic black plastic stick, for maximum hipness when being consumed.
Maxxed Pops require no special handling and can be consumed as the need for energy arises.

Maxxed pops come in a silver composite can with a pop top lid to keep the pops fresh.
Maxxed cans allow for maximum portability and convenience.

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Dear Sir,

Do you know what happened with those Maxxed Energy Pops?
They don’t exist anymore?
We are currently working in launching a new Energy Pop, doy you think it could be a good idea?

I will appreciate your answer. Thanks!!

December 25, 2016 at 3:22 AM  

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