Wow..! Talk about getting dominated in a game 6 in the NBA Finals. The Lakers, or as my friend has always said, the Fakers, lost to the Celtics by 39 points last night. The League's MVP, Kobe Bryant couldn't put his team on his back and carry them because they were just simply too heavy. Kobe's offense can't win ball games by his scoring alone. Well I take that back. He has..but just not in the finals against the Celtic defense. Its not that the other members of the team can't score, they can but again, that defense created problems. But here's another problem for the Lakers, they can't play defense. They took care of the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference finals but if I remembered it right, the Lakers also got blown out by the Spurs its just that San Antonio blew it. So the Lakers are pretty much on the same trend that happened in the finals against the much better Celtic defense and offense. Congrats Celtics!!!!! Congrats KG!!! You FINALLY got one!!


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