Billabong is a clothing brand that I would like to be in I have liked their products since I wore one of their board shorts and one of their hoodies. They are a growing company. They have since acquired a few companies in the past few years. Namely, Von Zipper, a sunglasses company, was acquired in early 2001. Element, which is a dominant player in the skateboarding apparel and hard goods market was acquired in July 2002. Kustom and Palmers Surf were acquired in October 2004. Nixon was acquired in January 2006 from founders Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna. Nixon is a dominant player in the board sports watch market. Xcel was acquired in September 2007. The brand, a premium United States-based wetsuit and technical water sport accessories brand established in 1982, is focused on product for the surfing, diving (recreational and military), ocean paddling, sun protection and wake boarding markets and was recently awarded the "Wetsuit of the Year" title by the Surf Industry Manufacturers' Association.

So basically, having them here in would really put them in the spotlight because of the international community that it has. They're products are mainly targeted for water sports like scuba diving.. and board riders like surfing, wake boarding, skate boarding just to name a few. Quiksilver, which is a US based company is their main rival here. They sell similar type products that are of high quality. I like Billabong's simple and sort of "care free" styling, making them one of my favorite brands.

I would definitely love to see more sports related companies here at Especially those involved in board sports or water sports. Social Spark will definately help you, meaning those companies who chose to come aboard, "widen" the company and reach more people. Plus your company will get some very honest opinion from bloggers or consumers...wether it be good or bad.

So for those advertisers reading this blog entry, the title says it all. Social spark IS a Growing Advertising community....

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