The Deadliest Catch

The Deadliest Catch, one of my favorite TV shows. I started watching this show since its 2ND season. The show is currently on its 5Th season and aired on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday night at 9PM Eastern Time. Its about Alaskan Crab fisherman tackling one of the roughest and deadliest waters, the Bering Sea. In this "Modern Day Gold rush", these fishermen put their lives on the line to make some huge, and I mean HUGE amounts of money in a short period of time. How much you say? You can buy your new house in one trip! maybe even more..! This is the "real deal" when it comes to reality shortage of drama here. People die. Ships sink. Dramatic rescues by the US Coast Guard. You name it...this show is for real. No scripts. Just camera crews embedded on these fishing ships to capture the reality, dangers and reward of it all.

When you start watching this show, you'll know what I'm talking about. I personally would like to try it. I know its a very deadly and tough job, hence the title of the show Deadliest Catch but the experience and payoff would mean a whole lot. I guess its a matter of can you take it. Trying to catch crab with hundreds of pounds of equipment on board and not to mention the deadly weather. Fishing even when the weather is really tough, 30 foot waves constantly banging on the boat, Almost 20 hour work days in sometimes Sub zero temperatures, still doesn't sound tough enough? Watch it! Check your local listings!


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