I guess the guy is on his way to his unprecedented 9Th world title. Kelly Slater just stretched his lead in the overall ratings by winning 3 out of 4 events..! He was on the ropes in the quarter finals against Bobby Martinez with 3 plus minutes left in the heat. But yep, you guessed it, he found a barrel and got the score he needed to win the heat. Then beat Taj Burrow in the semi finals and then beat CJ Hobgood in the finals. Watch videos here.

Message to all ASP WCT Surfers: CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THIS GUY DOWN!!!! I'm sick and tired of Kelly winning! ANDY!! come on man!! what happened to that competitive drive? Kick this guy's ass!! Like you usually do..


Heat # 1
Quarter Finals
2 12.73 Bede Durbidge AUS
1 14.60 Taj Burrow AUS
Heat # 2
Quarter Finals
2 13.67 Bobby Martinez USA
1 14.27 Kelly Slater USA
Heat # 3
Quarter Finals
2 6.84 Mick Fanning AUS
1 17.50 CJ Hobgood USA
Heat # 4
Quarter Finals
2 12.66 Joel Parkinson AUS
1 13.00 Adriano de Souza BRA

Heat # 1
Semi Finals
2 12.84 Taj Burrow AUS
1 18.70 Kelly Slater USA
Heat # 2
Semi Finals
1 17.64 CJ Hobgood USA
2 13.87 Adriano de Souza BRA

Globe Pro Fiji 2008 - ASP Systems
Men / Final - Last Update : 3/Jun/2008
1st:1200Pts, US30,000
2nd:1032Pts, US18,000

Heat # 1
1 16.67 Kelly Slater USA
2 13.27 CJ Hobgood USA


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