When I first registered my blog at SocialSpark, I couldn't believe how many opportunities there are for my blog to make some money. But then I thought, this site could just be one of those who creates opportunities for people only living in the U.S., I soon found out that I was wrong. I immediately found some people who lived in India, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia just to name a few. I also found out that people here are very friendly and really willing to help each other out..Like Leaving props or a "thumbs up" for the other person to help get more opportunities. Did I mention that I was new to blogging? This community helped me a lot! People here gave me friendly tips and advice.

This community allows you to write or say whatever you want. SocialSpark has no restrictions on how you express your honest thoughts on an advertiser's product because truth in advertising is very important to them. That's one of their code of ethics, 100% Real Opinions. Another great thing in SocialSpark is that each sponsored link will automatically carry the "no-follow" attribute so that it won't affect your search engine rankings and because of that, Bloggers and Advertisers won't be charged with search engine penalties. What are those penalties? You pay! There's none of that here in SocialSpark. That is another one in their code of ethics, 100% Search Engine Friendly.

Give SocialSpark a try. I'm sure you'll love it. I'm sure you'll be excited like I am when it comes to making money in blogging.

To help you get started at SocialSpark, here are some video tutorials as to how SocialSpark works.

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way to go kubz! ;)

June 24, 2008 at 12:45 AM  

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