Lets Pimp out your Gnome

The game Dungeon Runners gave us something extra. Its like they gave us sprinkles or hot fudge on our ice cream. They gave us Bling Gnome, a some sort of hip hop gnome as your collector of dropped gold and even pick up and convert non-rainbow colored and non-purple colored items to gold. Of course, with an assistant like that following you around, who needs an accountant? But don't ask me why they chose a gnome to follow you around. Maybe they should have chosen a leprechaun or that character in the lucky charms commercial...LOL!
It's an addicting game, kinda like Diablo II addicting. Dungeon Runners is a Free Fantasy MMORPG game where you explore a world of dungeons and monsters and exciting battles, with the help incredible and high powered weapons of course. You can take on all the monsters that come your way alone or with a team of your online friends. It has cool 3D graphics, cool virtual world and an overall cool game concept. I just recently told my 12 year old cousin about this game, and he loves it. He plays it more than I do. If I played with him, he would probably make look like an 80 year old. He would probably laugh and talk some smack...

By the way, go to dungeonrunners.com and download the free game.

Here are photos of my "blinged" out gnome. As the saying goes... "Diamond is a girl's bestfriend..." and female gnomes are no exception..


Sponsored by Dungeon Runners


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