On a 3 way deal, the Dodgers get Manny Ramirez. The Red Sox fans get what they wish for. I guess the Red Sox organization are fed up with the future hall of famer that they got rid of him eventhough the push for the playoffs is fast approaching. Could Red Sox have put up for two more months? and give themselves a chance to maybe win another world series? I guess they didn't think Manny would care because he has stated in a recent interview with ESPN Deportes that he is unhappy and that's probably why they got rid of him.

Will Manny be happy in LA? Will he be the more productive Manny of old? I don't know, we don't know..But the Dodgers hope he will be.

Earlier this afternoon, the Marlins were said to be holding a slim chance of pulling off a trade for Manny Ramirez.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that a tentative three-way deal has been reached between the Red Sox, Marlins and Pirates and after Manny's comments from earlier today, it's not hard to see why Boston might have been forced to commit to a trade that might bring only Pittsburgh's Jason Bay plus unproven prospects in exchange for Ramirez's Hall of Fame talent.

From ESPNDeportes:

"The Red Sox don't deserve a player like me," Ramirez said. "During my years here, I've seen how they [the Red Sox] have mistreated other great players when they didn't want them to try to turn the fans against them.

"The Red Sox did the same with guys like Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martinez, and now they do the same with me. Their goal is to paint me as the bad guy," Ramirez added. "I love Boston fans, but the Red Sox don't deserve me. I'm not talking about money. Mental peace has no price, and I don't have peace here."

And based on the comments of some Red Sox fans, apparently what Manny is saying is somewhat true or...the Red Sox fans are just tired of his "Manny being Manny" ways.
Here are some of the comments made by Red Sox fans about Manny..

"Manny could never fill the shoes of carl yazstremski, ted williams or even gene stephens in the hearts of red sox nation. good-bye manny. thanks for the thrills. oh, and before you clean out your locker don't forget the folks on $12,000 yearly incomes who coughed up the money to buy a ticket to watch you make an ass of yourself. you are a disgrace to the red sox uniform and to the human race." - John K.

"yeah they need to trade his crying ass......I love this guy, as a hitter I think he is one of the best, but the whining needs to stop...TRADE HIS ASS!!!!!!!!" - E N

(Source Yahoo News)

Because of the Olympics, Beijing's architecture is suddenly becoming one of the iconic in the world. Bejing's landscape has changed drastically.

The nest-shaped stadium for the 2008 Olympic games, designed by Piere de Meuron is one of the more interesting, "never been done before" kind of design.

Another is the the dome shaped National Grand Theatre, designed by Paul Andreu.

And the latest of the buildings that are newly built in Beijing is the CCTV or the China Central Television Building designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. Which to me, is probably the most recognizable of all the buildings. I guess you could this cantilevered, block-formed, looks like unbalanced building will put Beijing on the map..in terms of recognizable architectures. This building is like London's Big Ben or Paris' Eiffel Tower or Sydney's Opera House. When you see this building in a magazine or a newspaper or read about it somewhere, you would automatically say, "Ah..this building is in Beijing..".

The design looks simple because at first glance, its just simple blocks or rectangles that was put together but the truth is, its a complex building in terms of the size how those "blocks or rectangles" are put together. As much as it's a challenge to gravity, the building is a challenge to the mind, critics say, defying conventions of skyscrapers as vertical shafts thrusting straight up. Its engineering is so complex that the designers say such a building couldn't have been built a few years ago. That's because it took immense computing power to ensure that the design could withstand huge pressures in the earthquake-prone capital. Some 10,000 tons of steel were used in its construction.

A very modern design in a place and country where there is a lot of tradition.

A family reunion will be on Aug. 2. I don't know what to expect. I have not seen my relatives who live here in the U.S and Canada for a long time...I'd say about 5 or 6 years now. I'd probably be baby sitting my younger cousins like the usual. Anyway, I don't mind because I have fun playing and messing around with them. Probably piss them off and have try to retaliate all day long. And if they fail, they would just probably get pissed even more.
I know whats coming. I've done it before...like beating them at their own game. Namely being a wise ass, being annoying, and beating them in their video games..hehehe..that's probably why they don't start messing with me. I think I'm the one who instigates the whole thing.

I guess thats how reunions are when you don't have someone your age to talk to or hang around with. Its either old people or uncles or aunties or little cousins.

If I hang around and talk to my grand parents, I get bored. They ask the same questions over and over, they always ask you for something like get me some food or soda or "get my purse" or whatever. If I hang out with my uncles and aunts, they treat me like a little kid and never stop telling me to do stuff. So, I guess the only choice left is messing with my little cousins.

Remember this photo on Nirvana's NEVERMIND album cover?

Almost 17 years later, Spencer Elden who's naked baby photo was on that album cover is now a teen.

"Quite a few people in the world have seen my penis," he says from his home in Los Angeles. "So that's kinda cool. I'm just a normal kid living it up and doing the best I can while I'm here."

Elden's naked participation in this important moment in music history was rather accidental because Kirk Weddle, the photographer working on the cover, was simply a friend of Spencer's dad, Rick.

Elden now has his own band. That's right his own rock band on XBox. "I know that's not a real band! That's the difference between the '90s and kids nowadays; kids in the '90s would actually go out and make a [real] band!," he says. Elden ironically, yearns for the era that gave Kurt Cobain, the lead singer for Nirvana, so much angst. He thinks that time and era was much "cooler" than it is now.

In some places, that image or photo of the album stuck. The other day, his friends spotted a giant Nevermind photo on the floor of a record store in Hollywood.

"My friend is all like, 'Hey I saw you today.' And I'm like, 'Dude, I was working all day.' And he's like, 'No, I went to Geffen Records, and you're on the floor and you're floating and I stepped on your face. 'Cause I guess they have like a floating thing where people can like walk on me and stuff ... so it's kinda cool," he says.

If you are active in any sport, or you are physically active, you probably drink sports drinks. Well, Here's a little fact for you. Those sports drinks are high in sugars.

See, the thing is, most people think that professional athletes drink Gatorade and all those other stuff sold in convenient stores but that is far from being the truth. If they did, it would be like not training at all because like I said, regular sports drinks are loaded with sugars. Athletes want and need REAL nutrition and REAL fuel...Not sugar water.

After I have confirmed that these sports drinks are loaded with sugars, I stopped drinking them. I try to exercise when I have the time. Maybe 3 to 4 times a week. Not that much. But no matter what I did, It just seems like my body stays the same physically..that was because I drank so much of those sports drinks because I thought it was going to help me with my work out. I was wrong.

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This track was at English Town, New Jersey where Funny Car driver Scott Kalitta died.

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This site is definitely growing. Hundreds of videos are being uploaded each day. There was this one video that I saw where the guy turns a miniMag flash light into a powerful laser pointer. The newly created powerful laser pointer can easily light a match and can pop a balloon in an instant. I don't really know exactly where I could use a laser pointer but the video is pretty cool.

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I read an article online about Hybrid cars being a risk to blind people or the visually impaired. Since it is nearly silent, hybrid cars pose a serious threat of injury and death to blind and visually impaired people, says the American Council of the Blind, which is pushing the auto industry and government officials to develop ways to reduce this danger.

"Imagine you are a blind person traveling independently with the aid of your cane, something you have done confidently for years," Dr. Ron Millman, chair of the council's public relations committee, said in the news release.

"You are crossing a fairly busy intersection. You listen for sounds of approaching cars. All cars seem stopped. Suddenly, you hear screeching brakes. Too late, you realize a quiet, nearly silent, hybrid car is only a few inches from you. Panic takes over. Every sense of survival says to run, but where? There is not time to escape as you face this horror and possible life-threatening situation."

But this danger isn't limited to blind or visually impaired people, said Dr. Karen Gourgey, a member of the council's environmental access committee. (Source for article, YAHOO!)

Talk about solving one problem and creating another.

Life........is not supposed to be this complicated. I wonder who is making it that?

There are more than 600 communities that have walks. Its Only about 2-3 mile walk on cool and lovely weekend in fall. Lets help raise awareness, help raise funds for Alzheimer care and help raise funds for support. The Alzheimer's Memory Walk will gladly take volunteers of any age.

I am definitely going to check their website and find a community that supports Alzheimer's Memory Walk. You can do your part and do the same...You and I can walk for a cause. If you are unable to walk, you can still help by just being a volunteer and help with event planning or joining with local event committee.

Until you have a family member who has been affected by Alzheimer's, you would never how it feels when your father or grand father forgets who you are and everybody else in your family. My grand father suffers from this disease, that's why I am passionate about helping.

There is actually a movie that comes to mind, The Notebook. I don't know if you have heard of it or have seen in. If you haven't seen it, watch it.

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Check this one out..! Could it be real or is it a damn fake..!?!? I think its a fake. The chopsticks could be rigged or something. I don't know..... You be the judge...

About five years ago, My old, hand me down car from my aunt broke down. I was on my way back from school when all of a sudden the engine died. I was stuck on a busy intersection and causing a traffic jam. This wasn't the only time that happened with that car. I spent god knows how much on repairs. That latest incident was the last straw. I got fed up! So I traded in that old piece of junk for a new one. I obviously wasn't thinking that I only had a part time job because I was also going to school. I didn't really think it through. I had bills to pay. I had the cars insurance that I wasn't really thinking about when I got the car. I just acted on the fact that I was frustrated with driving such an unreliable car. A car that keeps on getting me trouble and getting me embarrassed.

I obviously bit more than I could chew. I couldn't do anything but deal with the payments. Maybe sometimes that what happens when you're fed up. You don't really think about the entire situation. If I had talked to someone about getting a car before I got one, I would have probably bought a used certified car that is still in great shape and would surely cost a lot less than buying a brand new one. If I had known about Debt consolidation, I would have had some help about the financial hole that dug. It would have gotten me some Debt relief or Debt help. If I had known about Bills IQ, My life, at that time would have been a lot easier. So don't make the same mistake I did. Go visit Bills IQ. They can assist you and help you understand overall financial health..and also help you improve your financial score.


To date, that was the worst financial nightmare I could get myself into. Who knows I could get myself in more trouble in the future. Hopefully not because I have sure learned my lesson. I'm done with the car payments now. Thank God! but now I'm thinking, I want to buy a private plane....doink!

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Talk about dominating the sport of surfing. This guy is an 8 time world champion and by the looks of it, He is on his way of capturing his 9th world title after winning the Billabong Pro JBay in South Africa. He has won 4 out of 5 events so far with 6 WCT events remaining. Winning a world title now a days is so difficult. There are a few great surfers who have never won a world title let alone 9..! My favorite surfer, Andy Irons, has won 3 titles and is one of the most respected and well known surfers in the world but is still dwarfed in terms of world titles by the Michael Jordan of surfing, Kelly Slater.

At this point, I don't really think anyone can stop him from claiming his 9th world title. Joel Parkinson from Australia, is in distant second in the current standings while Bede Durbidge also from Australia is in third.

My Dream Home

My Dream home would have to be a home with an ocean view. A house that has large open spaces and large windows or openings facing the beach and the water. It doesn't necessarily have to be big or be a mansion, just a well thought out floor plan with a porch in the back where you can sit and unwind and have a nice cold drink. Aaahhhhhh...Makes me relaxed just thinking about it. Being that my dream house is right near the beach, it would have to be built in a place where the climate is warm. I love the sun and the beach. There's just something about that combination that relaxes me.

And of course, since I love to go surfing, that property would have to have a good breaking wave nearby..Whether that wave be a point break, beach break or reef break, it doesn't matter as long as its a good one. That would really be my dream home.

I actually have designed and thought of the plans for that house even though I can't afford it......yet..!!


There was a lot of great movies in the '80's. There was the Steven Spielberg's instant classic E.T., which had this magic and had the ability on kids like me to be believable. I really thought that there might me an E.T. after watching that movie.
Another movie that I remember clearly and loved watching was Ghostbusters. That movie also had my imagination stirring and believing that there could possibly be a ghost like slimer, that green and always hungry ghost friend they had flying around.

But the movie that really inspired me and wanted to be something or someone when I grew up was Top Gun. After I saw that movie, I couldn't stop watching it again and again. I said to myself, "That's what I want to become when I grow up". Unfortunately, that dream never came true. I just thought it would be so cool being one of those elite people who could fly such an awesome machine...and of course that beautiful lady that came with being a Top Gun.

The return of the movie WarGames in theaters just brought back some memories of 80's movies. It will be showing nationwide on July 24 but only for that day. This sci-fi thriller movie stars a young Matthew Broderick who played a hacker who gets the chance to play a game with the US Military's war computer. You will also see never-before-seen interviews with film’s creators and cast. And also, on this day only July 24Th, you will get a sneak peek at the making of the sequel – WarGames: The Dead Code. Don't miss it!

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While most people are complaining that its too hot, I sure am not. I love the warm weather. I have waited for summer to come all winter long. Now that it's here, I'm loving it. Last night, I just sat on our porch and just took in the lovely breeze and the nice somewhat mild air in my face. You certainly can't do that in the winter. Summer...keep it coming!!!

Dogs or Cats

I love both. Cats are affectionate animals. They purr and rub their tail around your legs and sit on your lap. We had a pet cat when I was quite young. I loved to play with him especially with a ball of yarn or a Jack stone ball. He would go nuts chasing after a bouncing Jack stone ball. Our cat used to climb on tables and almost every where he can and then break things or ruins something because of scratching. That's probably the only thing I don't like about cats.

At the moment, we have a dog. Hummer, the name of our dog, is also very active but in a good way. Instead of chasing a Jack stone ball like our previous pet cat, he loves chasing his tennis ball even though he has a difficult time biting it or grabbing it with his mouth. Very well trained dog, He doesn't pee or poop in our house but instead waits for us to walk him and does his business on the street. Very affectionate too. He jumps on the couch with you while you're watching TV. Barking would probably be the negative thing about dogs but I'm not complaining about that with our dog. He seldom barks and is very friendly with everyone he sees or comes in contact with...even strangers.

So right now, I'm a dog person. But I still like cats as well.

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I love watching comedy shows..specially stand ups. Like Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, the reality TV show Last Comic Standing..and now Glenn Beck. This guy is hilarious! He cracks me up with some smart comedy and he has a great sense of humor. If I would compare him to someone, he would probably be close to a John Stewart type of comedy who I also love watching. I guess being a radio and TV host and a commentator, gives him a presence on stage. You could say this guy is a performer just like some of the comedian standouts that I have mentioned. You may have heard him on the radio but if you want to know what I'm talking about, check out Glenn Beck. He has a Summer Tour and a July 17Th show that will be broadcasted live via Fathom Events to select movie theaters nationwide on that date. Visit his website and Go get tickets!

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), which has been tracking stolen vehicle rates by state since 1985, has released its annual report earlier this week. The report identifies the most stolen cars in 2007. The car thieves must love California because they basically made it their home. Why do I say that because on the top of that list, well, in the top 5 of that list, four of the cities are in California.

Modesto, Calif., rings the bell at No. 1, with San Diego/Carlsbad/San Marcos taking the third spot, Stockton in fourth and San Francisco/Oakland/Fremont in fifth place. The city in second place, the only one in the top five not in California, is Las Vegas/Paradise.

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Can you say that your baby photos are worth 10 to 20 million dollars??? Mine is not even worth a buck. But sentimental value is priceless. HAH..!! Anyway, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's newest family members arrived Saturday night. Jolie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl by Caesarean section. I don't really care about celeb gossip but this one just blows my mind. Millions of dollars for baby pictures?? WOW..!

Let the frenzy begin. I'm sure the paparazzi's are going to hound them like sharks smelling blood in the water. Privacy is a big price to pay for being famous.

Forumity.com has basically taken away the "middle man" in Free Forum Hosting. As the creator of your forum, you have the freedom to manage it. Forum creators is usually provided with a sub-domain but in Forumity.com, you can register your own domain to access your own forum. So like I said, Its like taking out the middle man. Not to mention that you no longer have to get through the installation of phpBB and pay for a reliable Web hosting service because Forumity.com has done that for you. They have a reliable web hosting service and just recently, they have installed the latest phpBB v3, so why not try it out?


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Middle distance runner Mehbooba Andyar, goes missing in Italy last week while she was on her way to the Olympics in China. Friends and co-athletes have not seen her since July 4, when she left her training facility in Formia, Italy. Authorities are not ruling out any possibilities. Hmm...did she get lost in Italy..? I hope she's ok. In a recent interview, Andyar said, "I'm the model for my country, being a woman in a typical Muslim nation. I'm very proud to say that I will be participating in the Olympic Games. By virtue of these opportunities, many women from my country are participating in many sports, and this will help to develop a better managed country."

In a war torn country, and for her to be the only female olympian, she would and probably is a great inspiration not only to her countrymen but to females around the world. I'm reall hoping she's ok because she would be a "light" so to speak in these up coming olympics in China.

I'm not very good with hitting on women in bars or parties or where ever girls may be..Especially beautiful women. Nothing comes out. I mumble and fumble and next thing you know, the only good thing I did was just smile. I shouldn't be nervous right? because I'm not going to make a speech in front of a huge audience...right! Well not for me. Public speaking and trying to hit or flirt with a beautiful woman are both nerve racking.

But, believe it or not I achieved victory hair by flirting or hitting with a gorgeous girl in a friends party. What is a victory hair? Its what happens to your when something crazy or magical happens. Its when your hair looks like a troll's hair. But what really makes a victory hair is the smile on your face that goes with that hair. Anyway, a friend of mine who hosted the party, introduced me to this girl when I arrived my friends house. As the party was winding down and was getting late and everybody was slowly doing their exits, I was relegated to help with a little cleaning. That's how good of a friend I was. When I was about to take the trash out, I saw that beautiful girl whom my friend introduced me to earlier. She was just so beautiful that I couldn't stop staring. She noticed me looking at her and she said "Hi..". Here's the first step that I did to get that victory hair.

I came up to her and introduced myself and told her that I was the one introduced to her earlier that night and I apologized for staring at her. Then we got to talking. Just talking...and I just complemented her on how beautiful she was and that she was "perfect". She replied, "Ah that's sweet! You're just saying that..and you know that's not true because no body's perfect". Out of no where here's what I said, "Yeah, you're right no body's perfect including those famous people but when you smile, for me, you're close to perfection.." I was so surprised that I had said that. Me?? Mr. fumble and mumble?? I had no idea where that came from. But I made her smile and I mean she smiled. And she just looked at me and I was doing the same.

I was supposed to take out the garbage right? NOPE! Left the garbage bags on the floor while that beautiful girl and I talked and then we left to get something to eat. And the next morning......That's right, Victory Hair..! I tried out that line on Ultimate Flirting Championship. And I had the same results. Victory. Try it...its so much fun. Flirt till it hurts. Who knows..this might be your first step on getting one of your Victory Hairs.

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Baby CPR

Something mom's or parents should know is doing a baby CPR. Young children and infants unfortunately die because of something you wouldn't expect to happen, choking. Don't wait for the time when you say to yourself, "This could have been prevented.." Knowledge of saving your child's life is a "no brainer". If you're preparing to have a child, you know you make sure that the new family member is safe at all times..From baby-proofing the house to feeding them right food..but you never really know. Children are obviously like that. A split second that you don't have your eye on them and next thing you know, your baby or your child has something in his/her mouth and then chokes...what do you do? That's just one of the scenario that could cause a child or infant to choke. Get that worry out of your mind because here's a site that can give you that knowledge.. www.onlinebabycpr.com

WALL·E is Pixar's ninth full length movie and continues their success in film making. The movie evokes much emotion. The enchanting tale of a lonely robot's quest for companionship is one of the studio's finest films. I have been a fan of animated movies since I was quite young. Pixar's movies have made me a fan of animated movies even more and surely a fan for life. For some reason, when I watch animated movies, it relaxes me, it takes me away from the daily grind and daily worries of life. I guess you could say its my "pill"..Happy pill that is. When I watch animated movies, somehow it just takes away the stress. This newest movie from Pixar does that and much more. Great story telling by director Andrew Stanton, who also directed and or co-directed Pixar movies such as A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo.

If you guys haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend watching it. If you don't want any advice from me with regards to which movies to watch, read the film critics that get paid to write reviews. I'm sure you won't find anybody who wrote that WALL·E stinks.

According to Yahoo, Atlantic City, New Jersey is the top Boardwalk in America while Coney Island in New York City is second. Kemah Boardwalk on Galveston Bay in Texas, Mission Beach in San Diego California and Ocean City in Maryland are Third, Fourth and Fifth respectively. Hey, where's Wildwood??? LOL..!

I just got back from a weeks vacation from Wildwood, NJ. Its about 2 1/2 to 3 hours south from where I live. It was a great experience. The weather wasn't that cooperative because it rained 3 out of the 7 days we were there. But, when the sun came out, we were soaking it up! We went on those giant water slides with an almost 90 degree drop and that had a big raft where there was 5 or 6 of us riding in it. There was a few time where the raft just swayed so much coming from one corner to the next that it almost flipped over and half of the raft was sticking out of the giant slide....that made my heart race..! It was scary but a fun..!

We also hit the beach where you could see the sights..*wink*...of course the beach, the water and the sun was a lovely sight too...=) When we jumped in for a dip, it felt like I got stabbed by tiny needles. The water was so cold that just a few minutes spent in the water, I was numb like a piece of wood. My lips were purple, my hand was shaking. Basically everything was shaking and something shrunk too..hahaha..!! I also tried to surf because there were some 3-4 foot waves but like I said, I just couldn't take the really cold water.

So we went on some coaster rides. We also went on those extreme rides like the slingshot, free fall and the propeller (that's what I call it). We also tried those games where you could win some prizes like stuff toys and game jerseys and even the latest gaming systems. My friend always wins when he plays that water-shooting game.,so now his wife has a lot of stuff toys. I, on the other hand tried that game where you try to knock out three blocks at one time with one throw using a bean bag, I only managed to knock out two. The third block was so close to edge.!! I was cursing! because had I knocked the third block, I would have won a 4 gig iPOD. oh well....

We just got back from wildwood yesterday, and I'm already missing it.

Who doesn't love food? I sure love food. I'm the person who really isn't picky when it comes to food. Anything that is edible, I eat. American food, Italian food, Indian food, Mexican food, Filipino food, Chinese, Japanese...you name it. But the food that I love the most is seafood. Anything that's seafood pretty much hits the spot for me. Whenever I see any time of seafood, I know that I'm going for that. Writing this makes me think about lobsters and crabs and shrimps and clams. This is making me hungry...! Visit my friend Monikas blog, I'm sure she has something to say about food as well...

The 5 time and reigning Wimbledon champion Roger Federer was dethroned by Spaniard Rafael Nadal on Sunday by beating him in a 5 set instant classic. Nadal faught off a Federer comeback after leading 2 sets to none. When Federer lost the first two sets, he started a comeback that tied it to two sets a piece and won sets 3 and 4 on tie breakers. If he won the fifth set and the match, it would surely be a comeback for the ages. But Nadal had a different idea. He wanted to win this so badly because he is that close to beating this guy who he lost to 2 consecutive times here at Wimby. That he did. The match became the longest in Wimbledon history and is an instant classic at that. Nadal is the first player to win Wimbledon and the French open since Bjorn Borg did it. Congrats Rafael Nadal..!

In this changing time, more and more moms are getting to spend less and less time from their houses, from their husbands and most of all from their kids. With all the work and all the bills that needed to be paid, not to mention all the house work that needs to be done upon arriving at home...and most important of all, taking care and spend time with your kids and family, who would not want to make some extra cash to spend less hours at work or if you're a Mommy Blogger, here's a way to generate extra income. If you're a full time mom, you can definitely do this. Blog or write about something while your son or daughter is asleep or while waiting for the school bus to come from school to bring your kids home.

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Francisco Lorenzo’s actions at the end of his fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center with Humberto Soto on Saturday were cowardly (deep inside he cried), revolting and disgusting. Did I mention he cried deep inside? He was beaten like a punching bag and clearly over matched by Soto, who was on the verge of one of his most impressive knockouts.

A mistake by referee Joe Cortez started a weird sequence that resulted in Lorenzo faking a head injury to win a fight he was about to lose.

Lorenzo had been knocked down once in the fourth round and was on the verge of going out as Soto pursued him into a corner. When Soto moved in for the kill, Cortez jumped between the fighters, apparently to stop the fight.

“It was definitely a mistake and Joe acknowledges that,” said Keith Kizer, the executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission.

After the WBC reviewed the tape, they determined that they would ignore the official decision which was Lorenzo winning the fight by disqualification to Sotto. The WBC now declares the super featherweight title open. Previous title holders includes Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. No wonder they didn't want Lorenzo to keep the title and the belt, because previous holders were great champions....not some sleazy guy who faked an injury. So who's crying now? definitely not Soto.

Rafael Nadal just won his match today versus the scotish Andy Murray. Murray came back from a two set deficit his previous match against Richard Gasquet from France but could not do it again against the over powering, hard charging and determined No. 2 seed from Spain. Nadal won in straight sets. On the other hand, if Roger Federer wins his match against Mario Ancic, then both Nadal and Federer will be in the semi finals and expected to win their respective matches. If the tennis Gods be so kind to let Nadal and Federer win, then we would have a 3rd consecutive Nadal vs. Federer Final at Wimby. That, as they say, "Would be a Cracker..!".

As for the women's, It looks like we would also have a very interesting match up in the Finals if both Williams sisters can get there. Right now, both of them are in the semi finals and a match win away from a Serena vs. Venus Finals. That said, Venus still has to deal with no.5 seed, Elena Dementieva. While Serena has to deal with the first ever Chinese player to reach a grand slam semi final, Jei Zheng.

Lets just keep our fingers crossed so that those match ups in the '08 Wimbledon Finals would happen.

Now a days, the disease Multiple Sclerosis, takes a back seat to some other type of diseases like cancer and autism..of the headlines atleast. This physically and mentally draining disease still affects a lot of people not only in the US but also other countries from around the world. Check out this latest Multiple sclerosis (per capita) numbers. I'm basically writing an entry about MS, to help put it back in the spotlight. To not let the world forget that there is still someones Mom, Dad, son, daughter or someone's family member suffering from it. To help bring more awareness and help find a cure to this disease. http://www.select-visions.com/

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