Middle distance runner Mehbooba Andyar, goes missing in Italy last week while she was on her way to the Olympics in China. Friends and co-athletes have not seen her since July 4, when she left her training facility in Formia, Italy. Authorities are not ruling out any possibilities. Hmm...did she get lost in Italy..? I hope she's ok. In a recent interview, Andyar said, "I'm the model for my country, being a woman in a typical Muslim nation. I'm very proud to say that I will be participating in the Olympic Games. By virtue of these opportunities, many women from my country are participating in many sports, and this will help to develop a better managed country."

In a war torn country, and for her to be the only female olympian, she would and probably is a great inspiration not only to her countrymen but to females around the world. I'm reall hoping she's ok because she would be a "light" so to speak in these up coming olympics in China.


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