The 5 time and reigning Wimbledon champion Roger Federer was dethroned by Spaniard Rafael Nadal on Sunday by beating him in a 5 set instant classic. Nadal faught off a Federer comeback after leading 2 sets to none. When Federer lost the first two sets, he started a comeback that tied it to two sets a piece and won sets 3 and 4 on tie breakers. If he won the fifth set and the match, it would surely be a comeback for the ages. But Nadal had a different idea. He wanted to win this so badly because he is that close to beating this guy who he lost to 2 consecutive times here at Wimby. That he did. The match became the longest in Wimbledon history and is an instant classic at that. Nadal is the first player to win Wimbledon and the French open since Bjorn Borg did it. Congrats Rafael Nadal..!


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