My Dream Home

My Dream home would have to be a home with an ocean view. A house that has large open spaces and large windows or openings facing the beach and the water. It doesn't necessarily have to be big or be a mansion, just a well thought out floor plan with a porch in the back where you can sit and unwind and have a nice cold drink. Aaahhhhhh...Makes me relaxed just thinking about it. Being that my dream house is right near the beach, it would have to be built in a place where the climate is warm. I love the sun and the beach. There's just something about that combination that relaxes me.

And of course, since I love to go surfing, that property would have to have a good breaking wave nearby..Whether that wave be a point break, beach break or reef break, it doesn't matter as long as its a good one. That would really be my dream home.

I actually have designed and thought of the plans for that house even though I can't afford it......yet..!!


awww hehe :)

Thanks for taking my opp! loved the post, sounds relaxing :)

July 18, 2008 at 12:49 PM  

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