Baby CPR

Something mom's or parents should know is doing a baby CPR. Young children and infants unfortunately die because of something you wouldn't expect to happen, choking. Don't wait for the time when you say to yourself, "This could have been prevented.." Knowledge of saving your child's life is a "no brainer". If you're preparing to have a child, you know you make sure that the new family member is safe at all times..From baby-proofing the house to feeding them right food..but you never really know. Children are obviously like that. A split second that you don't have your eye on them and next thing you know, your baby or your child has something in his/her mouth and then chokes...what do you do? That's just one of the scenario that could cause a child or infant to choke. Get that worry out of your mind because here's a site that can give you that knowledge..


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