I just got back from a weeks vacation from Wildwood, NJ. Its about 2 1/2 to 3 hours south from where I live. It was a great experience. The weather wasn't that cooperative because it rained 3 out of the 7 days we were there. But, when the sun came out, we were soaking it up! We went on those giant water slides with an almost 90 degree drop and that had a big raft where there was 5 or 6 of us riding in it. There was a few time where the raft just swayed so much coming from one corner to the next that it almost flipped over and half of the raft was sticking out of the giant slide....that made my heart race..! It was scary but a fun..!

We also hit the beach where you could see the sights..*wink*...of course the beach, the water and the sun was a lovely sight too...=) When we jumped in for a dip, it felt like I got stabbed by tiny needles. The water was so cold that just a few minutes spent in the water, I was numb like a piece of wood. My lips were purple, my hand was shaking. Basically everything was shaking and something shrunk too..hahaha..!! I also tried to surf because there were some 3-4 foot waves but like I said, I just couldn't take the really cold water.

So we went on some coaster rides. We also went on those extreme rides like the slingshot, free fall and the propeller (that's what I call it). We also tried those games where you could win some prizes like stuff toys and game jerseys and even the latest gaming systems. My friend always wins when he plays that water-shooting game.,so now his wife has a lot of stuff toys. I, on the other hand tried that game where you try to knock out three blocks at one time with one throw using a bean bag, I only managed to knock out two. The third block was so close to edge.!! I was cursing! because had I knocked the third block, I would have won a 4 gig iPOD. oh well....

We just got back from wildwood yesterday, and I'm already missing it.


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