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Even before the season started, Plaxico's ankle sprain kept him off the field and missed all of training camp...at least he insist that's the reason why and not the contract dispute with the Giants.

Another incident this season was that Burress was suspended for a game against Seattle on Oct. 5 and fined $117,500 for missing a team meeting and failing to notify the team of his absence. He said he had a family emergency.

He also was fined $45,000 by the NFL for his conduct during an Oct. 19 game against 49ers in which he abused an official and tossed a ball into the stands.

When asked last month in discussing his runs-ins with the team, Burress said, “Like I said, I am human,”. “I have made some mistakes. I haven’t made the best of decisions, I am aware of that, and I am the first one to look myself in the mirror, be honest with myself, and say that.”

Plax started the game last week against the Cardinals but didn't play the rest of the game after the first play. He was also scratched from the line against the Redskins this Sunday due to a hamstring injury but his recent incident......accidentally shooting himself in the right thigh on Friday night and spent the night in the hospital, was an additional reason for him to be unable to play. A team official told The Associated Press that Burress shot himself in a nightclub. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the team was still trying to sort out all the facts.

Tsk Tsk Plax.....

The NY Giants crushes the Baltimore Raven's No. 1 ranked defense in rushing. Brandon Jacobs rushed for 73 yards with 2 TD's while Ahmad Bradshaw and Derrick ward rushed for 96 and 41 yards respectively. The Giants had a total of 210 rushing yards against a defense who only allows less than 70 rushing yards per game. People have said that it would be a tough running against this defense but the Giants hit them and attacked them where they're good at. If that's not "imposing your will" against another team, I don't know what is.

The Giants have a very good offensive line. They very under rated but is now getting the attention. The defense of course needed to be stiff as well... which they were. That's why the Giants are now 9-1 on the season because they are playing together. The Giants did it against tough opponents the previous weeks, they won a tough and grinding game against the Pittsburgh Steelers then won another tough one against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Lets keep winning these games GIANTS!!! and finish strong..! I'm not saying anything about playoffs or anything like that but the GIANTS have to continue what they are doing and not get complacent or get cocky. GO GIANTS....!!!!!

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