With a lot of those service providers out there, I'm sure you are looking for the best price possible or looking for the best service possible or hoping that you will find the best price possible at the same time having the best service possible. Well, here it is. The Charter Ultimate Bundle. You get Charter digital programming plus unlimited calling and a high speed Internet connection..10 Mbps to be exact.

If you want to learn more about Charter's services, please visit Charter's website . This is one of the best deals available right now for bundled services. For a limited time offer, you will receive a $250 gift card when you purchase the bundle. After purchase, the buyer will be sent a gift card and is automatically entered to win 1 of 45 X-Box 360 Game consoles.


As if getting the great service provided by Charter is not enough, getting a gift card and is automatically entered to win 1 of 45 xbox's is just an icing on the cake. This is Charter's deal for you as sort of a homage to that black friday, people going crazy shopping, waking up in the "wee-hours" just to go shopping thing. So take advantage of this rare deal...



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