I'm not very good with hitting on women in bars or parties or where ever girls may be..Especially beautiful women. Nothing comes out. I mumble and fumble and next thing you know, the only good thing I did was just smile. I shouldn't be nervous right? because I'm not going to make a speech in front of a huge audience...right! Well not for me. Public speaking and trying to hit or flirt with a beautiful woman are both nerve racking.

But, believe it or not I achieved victory hair by flirting or hitting with a gorgeous girl in a friends party. What is a victory hair? Its what happens to your when something crazy or magical happens. Its when your hair looks like a troll's hair. But what really makes a victory hair is the smile on your face that goes with that hair. Anyway, a friend of mine who hosted the party, introduced me to this girl when I arrived my friends house. As the party was winding down and was getting late and everybody was slowly doing their exits, I was relegated to help with a little cleaning. That's how good of a friend I was. When I was about to take the trash out, I saw that beautiful girl whom my friend introduced me to earlier. She was just so beautiful that I couldn't stop staring. She noticed me looking at her and she said "Hi..". Here's the first step that I did to get that victory hair.

I came up to her and introduced myself and told her that I was the one introduced to her earlier that night and I apologized for staring at her. Then we got to talking. Just talking...and I just complemented her on how beautiful she was and that she was "perfect". She replied, "Ah that's sweet! You're just saying that..and you know that's not true because no body's perfect". Out of no where here's what I said, "Yeah, you're right no body's perfect including those famous people but when you smile, for me, you're close to perfection.." I was so surprised that I had said that. Me?? Mr. fumble and mumble?? I had no idea where that came from. But I made her smile and I mean she smiled. And she just looked at me and I was doing the same.

I was supposed to take out the garbage right? NOPE! Left the garbage bags on the floor while that beautiful girl and I talked and then we left to get something to eat. And the next morning......That's right, Victory Hair..! I tried out that line on Ultimate Flirting Championship. And I had the same results. Victory. Try it...its so much fun. Flirt till it hurts. Who knows..this might be your first step on getting one of your Victory Hairs.

This flirting game kind of gives you practice. It's basically like a simulator if you would. This game is brought to us by Extreme Style by VO5

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