My first time watching a LIVE NHRA event in English Town, New Jersey was both memorable and exciting. First of all, I would like to extend my deepest condolence to the Kalitta family because of the tragedy that happened on Saturday during qualifying. Scott Kalitta died when his car's engine blew up during the qualifying's final round. He went to the end of the race track while bursting in flames and hit the end of the retaining wall. He died from multiple serious injuries.

Here's a video of Scott Kalitta's crash...

My uncle and I were stunned. Everybody on the track was too. We were obviously hoping for the best and that Scott would just walk away from it but we were wrong. We just couldn't believe it when we got home and heard the news that he was gone.

The next day, which was race day, we came back and watched the races. It was a somewhat somber mood, not many people were too ecstatic when it came to expressing their excitement during the heats but I'm sure they were still happy to see some racing.

My first NHRA experience however was absolutely amazing..! I just couldn't believe that those engines could literally blow you away. I was standing a few feet from one of the Top Fuel cars when they were heating the engines up before a heat, and the sound and the air and the fumes coming from it was nothing that I ever expected. I almost dropped my camera. One thing I will never forget was when I heard the cars for the first time on the race track. When they let it all out and "gas it" from the starting line, it felt like the sound just penetrated through my ears and into my brain and shook it and then proceeded to exit through my eyes. WOW..!!!! The sound on TV doesn't do it justice..! The speed is also amazing. If you haven't experienced going to an NHRA drag racing event, I recommend that you go and get ready to be blown away...!!! I had a very memorable time. RESULTS HERE.


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