WOW..! talk about a big time win..!! That is one of the biggest win the NY GIANTS have. A 21-17 against the DALLAS COWBOYS win that made every NY GIANTS fan go wild..!

Against the No. 1 seeded team in the NFC and against the team that beat them twice during the regular season. The COWBOYS not only beat the GIANTS twice during the regular season, but also beat them with huge scoring margins. COWBOYS quarterback, Tony Romo threw for 8 touchdown passes in those two games. But in this Divisional playoff game, Giats quarterback, Eli Manning out performed Tony Romo. Dallas started a drive that lasted over 10 minutes. When Eli and the Giants offense got the ball back, there was only 46 seconds left before halftime. You would think there's no way the giants would get a touchdown with just 46 seconds left, you would think that the best outcome of that scenario would be a field goal score, but no. Eli threw some brilliant passes to rookie wide reciever STEVE SMITH and rookie tight end KEVIN BOSS and the TD pass to old reliable AMANI TOOMER that made the score even at 14-14.

The defense came up big too! They held the Cowboys to only 3 2nd half points. They started harrasing Romo, knocking him down, sacked him and made him throw hurried passes. He was uncomfortable in the pocket in the second half. Giant special teams also played well. Giving the Giants very good field position that made the drive shorter. R. W. McQUARTERS did just that in the 4th quarter and the Giants capitalized. They scored a TD after that particular return which made the score 21-17. And he, R. W. McQuarters also intercepted a Romo pass with 9 seconds remaining in the game which sealed the victory and an upset by the underdog Giants.

Up next for them, the NFC championship game against my IDOL, Brett Farve and the GREEN BAY PACKERS. MAN..!!! who should I route for???? these are my two favorite teams..!!


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