Who will win the 500..?? We can all have our picks, our predictions but one thing is certain, It's going to be an exiting one. There may be huge unknowns as to what the kind of race it would be, because NASCAR is now using the Car Of Tomorrow (COT) for the first time in Daytona 500. Based on their practices yesterday, I can tell its going to be very intersting and exiting, since they had 2 car wrecks! Yes, you read it right, it was only practice! Defending champ Jimmy Jhonson and my man, Jeff Gordon were involved. They both got caught up in someone elses mistake.

I can't wait to see Jimmy and Jeff's new team mate, Dale Earnhardt Jr. How well will he do this season? Considering that he didn't win a race last season with DEI. Now he's with Hendrick Motorsports, Will he win races? That question remains to be seen. Hopefully he does. After all he's a fan favorite since his dad died in this same Daytona 500 race in February of 2001.


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