There are a lot of really good quaterback's in college these days. NFL teams who have the first picks, depending on what they neeed, have a hand full of quality QB's to chose from. Theres Andre' Woodson from Kentucky, who racked up 3,709 passing yards, had 40 TD's, 11 INT's and has a passer rating of 144.5 in the 2007 season. Theres record setting Colt Brennan from Hawaii. Matt Ryan from Boston College, who a lot of people said would probably get picked first among the QB's. But I think Brian Brohm from Louisville will get picked first. Just because, in my opinion, in some ways is more polished in managing the game, makes good decisions on the field, which i think is what makes a quarterback successful in the NFL.

Im not saying that all of the other QB's that I have mentioned do not make good decisions on the feild, nor do they not manage the game well but I'm simply saying Brohm does it a little better.


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