Before the season started, analysts predicted that the Dallas Cowboys would be the team to beat in the NFC despite losing to the NFL champs New York Giants who beat them in the first round of the playoffs last year. For the first three games of the 20008 season, the analysts seemed to be right on the money however, the mighty Cowboys now have a record of 4-3. They have lost 3 of their last 4 games. They recently got beat by the woeful St. Louis Rams by the score of 34-14. Tony Romo did not play due to a broken pinkie on his throwing arm that he sustained during another loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

The "very talented" Cowboys team should have not been beaten so badly. Their previous two losses to the Redskins and the Cardinals, were competitive and hard fought games, but this latest loss to the Rams was about as bad as I have seen them play. Sure, losing Tony Romo is a big blow to your offense, but they have to play through it. They have to come together. The defense only lost Adam "waste of money" Jones because of off-the field incident...again...., but still that's no excuse for giving up 34 points to the Rams. Surely the defense can muster some thing to pump up the "down" offense and give them a chance to win....or atleast make it a close and competitive game..but no, the entire team just fell apart.

Dallas Cowboys..... welcome to third place..! Get it together or your season is going to be over soon...!! Anyway, what do I care, I'm a Giants fan..GO GIANTS!!!!!


I remember when the Cowboys 3- peated... and it's just been kinda sad since then.

October 25, 2008 at 6:55 AM  

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