Have you ever signed up on those dating websites? How do you know that the person who's been matched to you has no criminal history? How do you know that the person who you will be going on date with will not do you harm? Will you compromise your safety just to see if that person is for real or not? You're on a date, and next thing you know the guy puts you in a situation where you could have avoided if the dating site you signed up for has done their homework.

Is there such a dating site? Yes there is. I'm talking about True.com. They are the only dating site who conducts criminal background screenings and Single Certification. They are also the only Internet dating and relationship site that is endorsed by Psychology Today®. Isn't that a relief? Don't tell me that's not a feature that you won't take advantage of. That's why millions of people have signed up on this dating and relationship site. I should mention that a friend of mine has signed up on this site and she tells me that having that criminal screening is what made her decide to try it because she has always been skeptical and scared in meeting men online. Who wouldn't be? Now a days, online predators are on an alltime high, so having such a benefit offered by the site is really the most sensible thing.

Why don't you give it a try? You can search for free. Who knows, True.com might find someone for you.



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