Globe Pro in FIJI..

ANDY IRONS getting barreled in Restaurants in FIJI..

First of all, Globe and did us no favors by being ill-prepared for their LIVE web cast. There was no Live feed almost all event long. People were complaining and getting pissed, that included me of course. The predicted surf forecast was perfect six feet conditions. It was going to be pumping. That just made the whole thing upsetting. Perfect conditions, perfect spot, best surfers on the water..but "BS" web get the idea. Globe and Sucks!!

Now adding insult to injury, My fantasy surf team didn't do so well in round 1. Only my man Andy Irons went through to round 3. Others on my team were relegated to round 2 where the loser of a heat will be eliminated. I hope Bobby, Adrian, Kai, CJ, Damien, Timmy and Ben B. will win their heats in round 2 or else I will drop down the ratings after this event. To view results click here.


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