Mick Fanning, the defending world champ finds himself surfing on round 2 after losing his round 1 heat. Now he faces Brazilian Bruno Santos in round 2. In a low scoring heat, nobody really had their rhythm probably due to lack of good waves rolling through. All heat long, the only highest score didn't go higher than 6. Minutes left, Bruno Santos only needed a 3.43 to take over the lead. He got on a few waves during those crucial minutes but never got the score he needed. All of a sudden here comes a pretty good looking wave and Mick was on it, he was in and deep in the barrel and I thought to myself "It's over", but Mick couldn't finish the wave and get out of the barrel. So the situation stayed the same, But now time is running out for Bruno to win the heat. With only a few SECONDS left, Bruno gets a wave. Not the wave that would surely win the heat but tries to make it work. And he did!! That last second wave gets him a 4.17 and takes out Mick Fanning! Huge UPSET!!! For those who missed the opening day, you obviously missed a lot. Check out the results and upcoming heats.

Here are some upcoming round 2 match ups:

Heat # 6
Round 2
Dane Reynolds USA VS Travis Logie ZAF
Heat # 7
Round 2
Neco Padaratz BRA VS Royden Bryson ZAF
Heat # 8
Round 2
CJ Hobgood USA VS Ricky Basnett ZAF
Heat # 9
Round 2
Tom Whitaker AUS VS Daniel Ross AUS
Heat #10
Round 2
Ben Dunn AUS VS Mikael Picon FRA
Heat #11
Round 2
Tim Reyes USA VS Jihad Khodr BRA
Heat #12
Round 2
Roy Powers HAW VS Ben Bourgeois USA
Heat #13
Round 2
Leonardo Neves BRA VS Bruce Irons HAW
Heat #14
Round 2
Luke Munro AUS VS Fredrick Patacchia HAW
Heat #15
Round 2
Jordy Smith ZAF VS Rodrigo Dornelles BRA
Heat #16
Round 2
Jay Thompson AUS VS Kieren Perrow AUS


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