A wet start for the Monaco Grand Prix but that's not to say it was boring because of slower lap times, instead, it was an eventful race. A lot of strategy being played during the race. Which tires to use? "wet" tires? "intermediate" tires? "dry" tires? During those weather transitions, tires were the main concern. When the rain let up, and as the race track started to dry, It was Fernando Alonso who the first to change from "wet" tires to "dry" tires even though the track was still a bit damp. He then started to set fastest lap times of the race. His Renault teammate Nelson Piquet followed and changed to dry tires but he had different results. He crashed his car. Probably inexperienced. But Kimi Raikkonen, the defending world champ, who is more experienced than Nelson Piquet, was also involved in an incident where he lost control of his car and ran into the back of Force India-Ferrari's Adrian Sutil who was running the best race of his life so far. Sutil was running in 4th and Kimi was in 5th. Maybe it was the conditions afterall because it wasn't just Sutil and Raikkonen who had incidents in the race, it was almost everbody. Unfortunately, that incident put Sutil's best race to an end. Kimi however, continued and finished in 9th. But congrats to Lewis and McClaren Mercedes! Congrats Robert Kubica for finishing 2nd....again...Hope you will start to win races soon!!! enough of this second place finish crap!


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