The Lakers are now clearly in the driver seat when they beat the defending champs San Antonio Spurs last night in their home court. The Spurs were down by as much as 14 points early in the game but managed to tie it up by the second quarter. The Spurs were down by six at half time. After that, the game was a sea saw. Momentum swinging back and forth -- but not the score lead because the Spurs never led this game. The closest they got was wen they tied at about midway the second quarter. Tim Duncan leads all scorers with 29 points and a game high 17 rebounds but was not enough to beat the Lakers who won 93-91. I think its going to be really tough for the Spurs to come back and win this series because they have to win their remaining 3 games which also means they have to win twice in L.A. and I don't see that happening. The best the Spurs can do is probably win game 5 in L.A. then win game 6 at home but lose game 7 back in L.A. With that being said, who knows!! As they say, "Never count out the heart of a champion".


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