I'm no expert when it comes to something like this but everything I'm saying here is just my personal opinion and what I've noticed and experienced.

I think Women are attracted to:

Sense of Humor

I think this is also one of the characteristic that women look for. If you can make a woman laugh, she will love spending time with you. But men, like me, have to figure out what makes her laugh. Some women laugh on just about anything, or laugh about just the silliest things and some have a "green" sense of humor...meaning those dirty jokes. Making a woman laugh is probably one of the biggest characteristics you can have.

Being responsible

I think this is also one of the characteristic that women look for right away when they meet someone. If you are a guy who does nothing and doesn't take responsibility for anything in your life, whether it be emotionally, physically, mentally and even financially then don't be surprised if she gets turned-off easily.

Being Honest and trustworthy

There's nothing that women hate most of all about men than being a liar. That being said, there's a fine line as to which is acceptable lie or those little lies like what men would say if you're wife or girlfriend asks "Does this dress look good? or Does this make me look fat?" If you don't think the dress looks good, just don't say it...or just say "It looks good, but try the other one, lets see which one looks better...". But on a more serious subject like about your relationship or who you were with or where did you go, or what did you do, being honest goes a long way. If she knows she can trust you, your relationship will be so much better.


Most Women are just not that attracted to brainless idiots. Unfortunately, some women don't mind their men having a "DUH" on their forehead.... You may not be a genius, just don't be stupid.


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