Are you about to take that next step in your relationship? Are you really going to propose? Are you really sure about that??? Just think about it for a minute...Please..! Just think about it.............

Are you really considering proposing to that woman who makes your heart beat? If so, then I'm pretty sure you're sure about that decision...=) Well, next step is of course finding that ring that will say how much you love her, that ring that will say "you are one of a kind"... What you want is something that's 30 times more rare than gold. What you want is something that does not tarnish or fade..because as the saying goes, if it fades, so does your love...or at least that's what some women think. They have that "its a sign" thing because it faded or they have that analogy thing related from your faded ring to your relationship...You know what I mean? Anyway, What I'm talking about is Platinum....that's right! It's 30 times more rare than gold...!

I know what you're thinking, "If it's 30 times more rare than gold, is it also 30 times more expensive than gold???" Hey, you answered my question about being really sure about proposing right?!?!.. Look at it this way, its for someone who you're absolutely sure you want to spend the rest of your life with.


By the way, Platinum is not 30 times more expensive than gold. It's more money than gold but not 30 times you can wipe that "shock" off your face.. Platinum is a naturally white metal that will keep its brilliant white luster and will hold those very precious gems securely. How's that for a guarantee. Think about it, a platinum engagemet ring...That has some class to it too. I'm telling you, once your fiancee will see that diamond sitting on platinum, she'll say yes faster than when she begins to gasp and cry....

Good luck...!!!



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