With all of these sites where you can upload videos, music and also have an email account, can also have a blog, Kerchoonz takes it a step further by adding games that you can play. What more could you want from a social network? Well, how about adding your other social networks to Kerchoonz? social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster and etc. Hows that for taking it a step further?


One unique thing about Kerchoonz also is that when you sign up, you can sign up as just a fan or a listener or you can sign up as a publisher or an artist/band or an industry pro or a label. So regardless of what you do or who you are, people in this community can easily identify you. If you are an aspiring singer or someone who's seeking some opportunities to be in a band or have a band but is looking for that missing piece then finding what you want and what you need is easy. Contacting or messaging or emailing the right people is easy.

And also, if you are an artist, and if you upload your music, people can download it for or just stream it but here's the thing, if you sign-up for an ad-revenue agreement, this will allow you to share or have a cut in the revenue generated by the exposure or advertising on the website. So every time someone downloads or streams your uploaded music,..chachinggggg!! This another thing that is unique to Kerchoonz

Signing up is free! It takes maybe only a minute. I encourage you to sign up, give it a try...I'm pretty sure you'll like it.



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