On Dec. 5, the defending NBA Champs, Boston Celtics were at home battling a good team from the west, the Portland Trailblazers. The Celtics were pretty much in control of the game and enjoying a 25 point lead. However, when the starters were taken out for the bench players to relieve them, Kevin Garnet was not at all pleased when their huge 25 point lead shriveled up to 11 points in the 4Th quarter. During a timeout, Garnet pulled all of those bench players, including the "big baby" and was absolutely steaming. I don't exactly know what Garnet said to his teammates but whatever it is, after the barrage from Garnet, "big baby" went to the end of the bench and was fighting back tears.....such a baby.... hahahaha..!!!

Here's a video for you to watch....


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