Flirting one liners

I really didn't know if this one liner would work because its from a movie that caused some controversy but hey, its just the line. So, I tried this line on a game that I have played before..its called Ultimate Flirting Championship. This game was created by Extreme Style by VO5, and I have to tell you, its a pretty creative game and pretty creative idea. If you haven't played this game, you should. This is so much fun because you get to play or FLIRT with actual people. So I tried this line, "I wish I knew how to quit you..." And believe it or not this one liner is a good one. I got some good reactions and responses from it. Do you know what this line is from..? I'll just keep you guessing.
If this line doesn't get you a Victory Hair, I don't know what will..but keep in mind, it only works if you use it in the right way, you can't just blurt it out and expect a lady or a man to be "googoogaagaa" on you..

Play the Ultimate Flirting Championship and see what kind of responses you get. Try out your one liners or famous lines from a movie. If you get a compliment, I'm sure you'll be smiling all day. If it doesn't, then you'll know what not to say in front of real people..right? This game is definitely fun. You never know what that other person will say.

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Funny:You can take my breath away!!! stay away from me I don’t want do die Now.

U made me smile so wide……..I can eat a banana side ways.

Don’t hate me because I m good, Hate me because I know it!!

The Moment She Arrives Every Other Face Fades Away…

Flirt but be alert.

Intel inside……….fool is out side.

Ashes 2 Ashes Dust 2 Dust Life is short so PARTY v must.

Love all; hate none…see all; select one..

He Took Me Fr0m a Bar. He Took Me In His Car. He Took My T0p 0ff. He Puts His Lips 0n Mine,But D0n’t W0rry I’m a Bottle 0f Wine..

Adam & Eve introduced love; Romeo & Juliet practiced it; Laila & Majnoo died for it; So PLZZZZZZZ guyz don’t go for it.


Loved by FEW Hated by MANY Feared by ALL.

I cant help falling in love with u….

Love can sometimes be magic… But magic can sometimes just be an illusion!!

Everyone says you only fall in love once but thats not true, everytime I hear your voice I fall in love all over again.

Do u believe in love at first sight or do i have to walk past u again?

I removed L from LOVER…….n now its all OVER !!!


Everyday That Goez By It Seemz Like I Discover Somethíng New about You To Love It’z Incredíble To Me How I’m Loved by some, Hated by many, Envied by most, Yet wanted by plenty.

Only little boys who call themselves men say I love you, and don’t mean it.

August 18, 2008 at 4:45 AM  

People say love is like magic.

Now i understand why my smile appears out of nowhere wen i see you :)

April 15, 2012 at 11:42 PM  

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