First game on the men's basketball will be the USA against the host country of the Summer Olympics, China. This should be interesting. Chinese are very big basketball fans. They love their center superstar Yao Ming. In my opinion, this game would be like being in a gold medal game and a good "measuring stick" so to speak, for the Chinese National Team. For the Americans, on the other hand, the pressure is on to not lose the first game in their so called "Road to Redemption" in the Olympics.

What would it mean if the United States loses to China? It would definitely be a big boost of confidence for not only the Chinese team but for the entire country. Although it would only be the first game for the US, if they lost, it would be a real blow to their confidence coming into the Olympics. It would a game that they would love to take back and play it again...but of course this is just all speculation...I can't wait for this game.


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