After losing to the Angels again today with the score of 3-2, the Yankees find themselves 8 games behind the division leaders Tampa Bay Rays and 4 games behind second place Boston Red Sox.

Here's my question, why did they trade Kyle Farnsworth..?? They were on such a roll right after the All Star break. The Bullpen was pitching lights out. They were winning. But they traded one of their good closers for another catcher Ivan Rodriguez for Farnsworth. Molina was doing a great job catching for the Yanks, so why get another one? Now the Yanks' bullpen has been shaky to say the least. They lost to the Angels on a tied game in the 9th inning. Who lost the game? the bullpen. That's the exact same thing that happened the previous game against the same team. The bullpen just fell apart. It was a close game until the bullpen gave up 8 runs... 8 RUNS in the 8th inning....sigh.....enough rambling about the Yanks.

They might not make it to the playoffs....


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