“Eat what you want and lose weight!”
“Lose thirty pounds in thirty days!”
“Finally, a diet that really works!”
“Lose one jean size every seven days!”
“Top three fat burners revealed”
“Ten minutes to a tighter tummy!”

Unfortunately, those statements are untrue. The truth is, if a person wants to lose weight, he/she needs to work out more than what is advertised.

A 30 minute of walk doesn't mean you burned the calories of the brownie that you ate. People have these myth that if they walk for 30 minutes, they burned most of the calories that they gained when they ate something that is fattening. Everybody wishes that all of those statements that you read above is that simple to accomplish.

My advice is, make time to work out. If you have time to surf through the Internet, watch TV or talk on the phone, chances are you can have time to work out. If you are not an active person or play sports for example, then you need to work out to get your metabolism going. Yes, it means you have to sacrifice some of your TV staring and your mouse-clicking to make changes in your body. Because at this day and industrial age, everything has been made to make our lives simpler. Well, here is the effect of that..where people not doing enough naturally physically to maintain a good health..and that's why you need to make time to work out.


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