In the filming of World War Two picture "Valkyrie" in Berlin last year, twelve movie extras were injured on August 19, 2007. A side panel of a period German army truck burst open as it drove around a corner in central Berlin. They suffered broken bones, cuts and bruises and are now seeking damages from Tom Cruise and his production company. How much are they asking for..? $11 million...Yaiks..!

A lawyer for the extras told Reuters Television on Tuesday that witness statements indicated the truck's side panel had not been properly secured.

"Valkyrie" by the way is named after the codename for a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler concocted by senior German military officers during World War Two. Cruise plays ringleader Claus von Stauffenberg.

This is probably why the film's original release date was postponed to December 26 from July 4 this year. Probably not a good movie to watch for the holidays. But who knows, If its a really good movie, it won't matter when the movie is released.


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