WORST Flirting one liners

One of the worst one-liners we have all heard is.. "You know what looks good on me..? YOU..!" Yaiks..!! Talk about one of the worst pick-up lines ever. It makes me cringe when ever I hear that..and it's hard to imagine someone saying that line now a days but believe it or not, someone said that to a really gorgeous woman in a bar that we went to a few months back. Well, the guy was obviously drunk but still, being drunk is no excuse to saying that. The only Victory Hair he'll get is if that lady beat the crap out of him and started slapping him and pulling his hair. He would be getting a LOSER'S HAIR for that matter. I can't imagine myself saying that really lame line..not even if someone paid me..!

To that guy who said that or to some people who needs some practice on those one-liners and to those who want to get a Victory Hair, check out this game created by Extreme Style by VO5 called the Ultimate Flirting Championship. Like I've said in my previous post, you play with actual people. You get some real reactions. I have never laughed so hard when playing a game. When you read the lines that people will say in that game, I'm sure you'll be laughing and saying "Oh my god!" at the same time. But that's OK, people can't see you or see the person saying those lines..so it's all good..just pure fun.

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